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Acre and Caesarea

Caesarea - a historical-archaeological park, a city build at ancient times by Herod the Great in honor of the Roman emperor Augustus. Caesarea is located on the Mediterranean coast. There are remains of Roman and Byzantine streets, aqueducts, houses with mosaic floors and Greek inscriptions.


During the tour you will see the ancient Byzantine area, the palace on the sea reef, King Herod's amphitheater, and get familiar with the street system of the ancient city.


Acre is one of the world's landmarks and cities inscribed on the list of UNESCO World Heritage. It is the capital of the Crusaders, this port city is mentioned in the writings from the 19th century BC.It played a huge role in the history of Israel, the Middle East and even the world. This city is tied to the history of the Crusades. During the tour you will see the ancient hill of Acre and the river Balus, admire the bastions of the fortress, and walk the ancient fortress of the Crusaders and the knightly halls.


During the tour «VAN LIMOUSINE» guides will reveal the secrets that are associated with these cities and take you to the most interesting places so that you could feel the grandeur of history.