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Cessna Citation S/II

The Cessna Citation S / II is positioned as a quick and comfortable mini jet for medium range flights up ‎to 3,000 km. At the same time it is capable of speeds up to 750 km / h, making the Cessna Citation S / II ‎an ideal choice for the efficient corporate flights.‎

VAN LIMOUSINE company recommends Cessna Citation S / II board for flights lasting up to 3.5 hours : ‎Tel Aviv - Rome, Kiev, Barcelona, and other direction similar in distance.‎

It is worth mentioning that this model board is quite economical in fuel consumption, which makes it ‎very popular in today's business aviation.

At the same time, the Cessna Citation S / II comfortably accommodate up to 8 passengers. The mini jet ‎is equipped with rotating chairs, folding tables, a mini bar and a luggage compartment.‎


The crew consists of two professional pilots and a flight attendant, which will ensure an easy and ‎comfortable flight. The plane is equipped with a toilet and a kitchen for preparing drinks and snacks.‎


VAN LIMOUSINE recommends the Cessna Citation S / II to those who appreciate comfort and ‎economical air traveling.‎