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Eilat - one of the oldest cities in Israel, which is linked with one of the greatest kings of the ancient world - Solomon.


Eilat existed in the tenth century BC and served as a kind of sea gate. It was here, according to tradition, the legendary Queen of Sheba came to meet with the wisest of mortals - King Solomon.


The unique climate of Eilat - the summer heat is easier to bear here, while the winter is warm. Eilat - a city that is perfect for a family holyday or trip.


«VAN LIMOUSINE» company offers customers to learn the ancient traditions and mysterious story of Eilat, take in the sights of the city and experience an unforgettable adventure.


Here, in a 5-minute drive from Eilat, you will find Timna Park. This is a nature reserve, a valley, which is surrounded by steep cliffs. According to the legend, here were the legendary copper mines of King Solomon. During the tour you can see how coins were made, and how copper is melted, worship of the Egyptian goddess Hathor in the Temple of Timna and drink coffee in a Bedouin tent.


Another nature reserve, which deserves attention - Hai Bar, where you will learn about the wildlife of Israel. The vastness of the desert are still inhabited by animals that lived here 3000 years ago.


Eilat - a paradise for children. Here is the City of the Kings - a children's amusement park, based on stories from the Bible. Younger guests will walk through the caves, sail by boat through the halls of King Solomon and see the amazing attractions that will take them to the era of the Pharaohs.


One of the largest marine observatories is located in Eilat. You will submerge in a large underwater aquariumand see all kinds of animals that live in the Red Sea. When you are done admiring the coral reefs and their underwater inhabitants, you can go up to the tower of the Marine Museum and you'll get an amazing view of the four countries - Egypt, Israel, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.


Eilat is also one of the best diving sites in the Middle East, where you can submerge yourself in a beautiful underwater life of Eliat’s coral reef.


Create your tour, together with employees of the «VAN LIMOUSINE», and you will remember this unforgettable adventure of a lifetime.