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Gulfstream G200

The Gulfstream G200 – a business class executive aircraft, designed for 5-hour flight or a distance of ‎more than 6000 km. It features a spacious interior, up to 10 seats, a high level of noise isolation and ‎comfort.‎

VAN LIMOUSINE company offers renting the Gulfstream G200 for corporate flights for a middle-sized ‎group of people from Tel Aviv to London, St. Petersburg and other destinations similar in distance.‎


Gulfstream G200 aircraft has a distinct economic engine that can travel long distances in comparison to ‎other jets in its class. The high ceilings of the passenger cabin can comfortably accommodate even the ‎tallest of people.‎


Comfortable leather seats with chairs that rotate 360 degrees, allows you to have a meeting right on ‎board. The airplane is also equipped with high speed internet access, a satellite phone, a toilet with a ‎sink and a kitchen adapted serving warm meals during the flight.‎


A crew of two pilots and a flight attendant will ensure a safe and comfortable flight.‎


VAN LIMOUSINE company offers to rent the Gulfstream G200 to answer the need of economical flight ‎of 10 people to a medium distance.‎