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The city that never sleeps – the second nickname of the unofficial capital of Israel. Here, life is always at full swing, even at night.


This is one of the most beautiful cities on earth and one of the most contradictory. In Tel Aviv, modern skyscrapers coexist with ancient streets, the rich neighborhoods - with slums, and business offices - with hotels and pubs.


In this city, at the same time you can find and see a part of Ibiza and Manhattan, Paris and Rome.


«VAN LIMOUSINE» company offers customers to get acquainted with Tel Aviv at night and create their impression of this amazing city. During the city tour with an experienced guide in the comfort of the car, you will learn its fascinating story.


You will walk the old streets of Jaffa and the stone walls themselves will tell you their chronicles. You can make a wish on the Bridge of Desires and see the first written texts in the underground museum.


You will see one of the longest promenade in Israel. In Tel Aviv, the length of the city's beaches and recreational areas is 13.5 km.


Tour of Tel Aviv at night will be remembered by you as an unforgettable adventure of a lifetime.